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Endless Search Nikita Sergyshkin

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untitled by shabon*

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tophee for reebok

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seven BILLION fucking people on this planet

chances are ill have contact with but a small percent of them

an even smaller percentage of them i will get to know in any way

and i got to meet you

and get to know you

truly among the most unfortunate individuals am i

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okay THIS is my favorite so far

This tremendous feel I have inside of me. How to free myself, and this feel, without tearing myself to pieces. —

Franz Kafka

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Elle Chair – Elegant Interior Design by John Niero
Dirk Petzold, weandthecolor.com

The elegant and modern design of the Elle chair by John Niero.John Niero is a Los Angeles, California based designer working in the fields of product and interior design. His beautifully designed Elle chair received several awards including the…

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Home - Tablo


Nothing Is Everything Is Nothing, 2014

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You are a beautiful mystery

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